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本文摘要:说到忙碌,我想大部门人会用 I am busy 来表达,可是除了这种简朴的说法,你还知道其他表达吗?今天,小编整理了一些表达自己忙碌的英语单词和短语,不如来换一种高级点的表达吧!Busy作为形容词的同义表达1. Occupied已占用的,无空闲的例:Tom was occupied with meetings all day, so he could not come to lunch with us.汤姆整天忙于开会,所以他不能和我们一起吃午饭。


说到忙碌,我想大部门人会用 I am busy 来表达,可是除了这种简朴的说法,你还知道其他表达吗?今天,小编整理了一些表达自己忙碌的英语单词和短语,不如来换一种高级点的表达吧!Busy作为形容词的同义表达1. Occupied已占用的,无空闲的例:Tom was occupied with meetings all day, so he could not come to lunch with us.汤姆整天忙于开会,所以他不能和我们一起吃午饭。2. Engaged忙碌的,已经有约的To be engaged是指忙于某事;常用于短语“to be otherwise engaged”例:I wanted to invite Daniel, but his assistant said he would be otherwise engaged.我想邀请丹尼尔,但他的助手说他已经有约。3. Involved到场涉及的,有牵扯的例:There are 20 people involved in this project, so the scheduling will be difficult.这个项目涉及到20小我私家,所以日程摆设很难题。

At noon tomorrow, Ms. Carter will be involved in lunch with the Director of National Intelligence and Minister of Defense, so she is not available.明天中午,卡特女士将与国家情报局长和国防部长共进午餐,因此她没空。4. Employed被任命例:Steven was finally employed and seemed to never have time to do the chores around the house again.史蒂文终于被任命了,他似乎再也没有时间做家务了。

Since Margaret became employed, she has not been to any of our book club meetings.自从玛格丽特受雇以来,她就没有到场过我们的念书俱乐部集会。5. Working on致力于例:I am sorry I have not been able to have dinner with you as often as before, but I want to show you this new invention I have been working on!很歉仄我不能像以前那样经常和你共进晚餐,但我想向你展示我一直在致力于的这项新发现!6. Toiling away辛苦事情,兢兢业业例:Jackie has been absolutely toiling away at work every night, but her boss still treats her so poorly!杰基天天晚上都不辞劳怨,兢兢业业地事情,但她的老板仍然对她很欠好!7. Preoccupied with全神贯注的例:Paul has been so preoccupied lately – I wonder if everything is okay with his family.保罗最近忙得不行开交——我想知道他的家人是否一切都好。

Lisa spend the whole day preoccupied with arranging the private tour for the VIP clients, so she did not get a chance to contact her superiors about the other issue.丽萨花了一整天的时间为贵来宾户摆设私人旅行,所以她没有时机就另一个问题与上级联系。8. Tireless不知疲倦的例:Marie works so tirelessly for her patients, so they nominated her for Doctor of the Year.玛丽不辞劳怨地为她的病人事情,所以他们提名她为年度最佳医生。9. Busy as a bee忙的不行开交例:Laura was always busy as a bee at work, but none of her coworkers ever knew what it was she was actually doing.劳拉事情时总是忙得不行开交,但她的同事都不知道她到底在干什么。

10. On the go很是活跃,忙个不停例:The protein bars are great for moms on the go, because they do not need any preparation and still provide a number of necessary nutrients.卵白质棒对外出忙碌的妈妈来说是很好的,因为它们不需要任何准备,还仍然提供许多必须的营养。11. Have one’s hands full忙的应接不暇这个短语经常用来指有多个孩子的怙恃,特别是他们年轻的时候。

例:Blake has his hands full with his demanding job and his three young children at home.有一个要求很高的事情以及家里有三个孩子,布莱克忙得应接不暇。12. Bustling熙熙攘攘的例:The noise and the fast pace of the bustling city square was almost overwhelming for the solo backpacker.喧闹的都会广场的噪音和快速的程序,险些让独自一人的背包客喘不外气。

13. Hard at it拼命事情例:Max thought that his daughter would not like to play Sudoku puzzles, but as soon as she learned the rules she starting going hard at them!麦克斯以为他女儿不想玩数独游戏,但一旦她学会了规则,她就开始努力钻研。14. Hectic忙乱不堪的例:One of my coworkers suddenly quit her job, so the office has been very hectic the past few days, trying to figure out what people need to do to cover for her.我的一个同事突然辞去了她的事情,所以在已往的几天里,办公室的人一直忙乱不堪,人们试图弄清楚要做些什么来顶替她。Part of my insomnia comes from my hectic thoughts that come to my mind right as I get into bed.我失眠的一部门是因为我在睡觉的时候脑子里就会发生庞大的想法。

15. Eventful事多的,忙碌的例:After my very eventful day, I just want to curl up on my bed and sleep forever.在我渡过了多事的一天之后,我只想蜷缩在床上,永远地睡觉。16. Vibrant充满活力的例:His vibrant personality always brightens my day.他生机勃勃的个性总是使我的一天越发愉快。

17. Lively生动的例:Jane has a very outgoing and lively personality.简性格外向生动。Busy作为动词的同义表达1. Involve卷入例:Frank always like to involve himself in the problems that are happening all over the office.弗兰克总是喜欢把自己卷入办公室里发生的问题中。2. Concern体贴,在乎例:It is annoying that Travis always tries to concern himself with the problems of the company, but only if it will affect him personally.特拉维斯总是试图体贴公司的问题,但这只会对他小我私家发生影响,这很令人恼火。3. Interest感兴趣例:Now that Craig has interested himself in kayaking, his weekends have been full with kayaking trips.既然克雷格对皮划艇感兴趣,他的周末可以都摆设皮划艇旅行。


4. Entertain使...娱乐例:I can’t believe that the director is actually entertaining this fool’s ideas – they are completely unrealistic and wacky!我真不敢相信导演真的在接受这个傻瓜的想法——他们完全是不切实际和离奇的!5. Absorb吸引例:Vincent absorbed himself into his chemistry textbook last night, so he did not get any sleep at all.文森特昨晚全神贯注于他的化学课本,所以他一点也没睡。6. Engross使...全神贯注例:Patrick engrossed himself in the film and missed 15 phone calls from him mother.帕特里克全神贯注地看影戏,错过了他母亲给他的15个电话。

7. Beguile诱导例:Advertisements from the 1960s beguiled children into asking their parents for a variety of toys.20世纪60年月的广告诱使孩子们向怙恃索要种种各样的玩具。喜欢请多多关注学府翻译哦~。